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From Russell Gold <>
Subject ant dependencies task
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 17:55:49 GMT
I am interesting in knowing more about this project and whether it is
an appropriate home (even if temporarily) for the dependencies ant
task I have written:

Here is a sample usage (in the HttpUnit build.xml):

    <dependencies pathId="base.classpath">
        <dependency group="rhino"      version="1.5R4.1" />
        <dependency group="junit"      version="3.8.1" />
        <dependency group="nekohtml"   version="0.9.1" unless="use.jtidy"/>
        <dependency group="servletapi" version="2.3" />
        <dependency group="jtidy"      version="4aug2000r7-dev"/>
        <dependency group="xerces"     artifact="xmlParserAPIs"
        <dependency group="xerces"     artifact="xercesImpl"   

This downloads the appropriate versions of the dependencies from the
Maven repository at http://www.ibiblio/maven and creates a classpath
named "base.classpath" to point to them. The nekohtml dependency is
optional and will be excluded if the property is set. The goal is to
be compatible with Maven but follow the style of ant. It is also
possible to create a FileSet for the selected dependencies by
specifying the fileSetId attribute.

The task is basically ready for use now, and I would like to make it
available to developers who are attracted by Maven's dependency
management, but don't want to use Maven.

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