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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject Re: UpdaterConfig
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 20:07:37 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>>like I said already, I am browsing through the API and adding JavaDoc to
>>  some classes. Right now I have a problem concerning the UpdaterConfig.
>>This class is called all over the API and should provide basic
>>configuration for the application. But right now, I am pretty unsure,
>>how this configuration is provided to the calling classes.
>That was (is?) a nice experiment by Anou. Basically we wanted some form of
>'ant types' (configuration in XML) but outside of Ant. The configuration
>file is read, and named configured objects are stored in a registry (by
>namespaced name).
>I think it works, but has some usage issues, so right now I'm kinda hoping
>to leave it on the side, until we find time to work on it. I do like the
My preference is to CUT what is not being used. 
If there is not a test case that exercise this,  ask about it on the 
list and then we can kill it.


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