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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: TODOs
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 21:06:21 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>Ok, time to re-gen a set of todos since we have a few folks who are able to
>scratch this itch right now. Here are some things that come to my mind.
>1) ASF Repository
>Find out more about what has been implemented in the name of the ASF
>Repository, and report to this list. I know something called this exists
>somewhere (although I don't think it follows an ASF repo layout, but a Maven
>one) I'd like to poke it, prod it, test it.
ASF Repository:

About this time what I'm maintaining is the following two repository 

Production Release Repository: This repository is located in dist and 
mirrored to all Apache Mirrors. This is a mission critical repository 
for Apache, we maintain all Apache artifacts being released for public 
consumption here and it is rsynced to the 
directory every 4 hours overwriting anything updated. This allows us to 
manage the Apache content in the Maven repository locally which is more 
acceptable because we have fully control over when it is released into 
dist at Apache.

Interm/Nightly/Beta Repository: This is a Maven repository outside the 
dist directory for artifacts we do not want to see distributed to 
mirrors or anywhere else for that matter. This is a repository for 
developers to test deployment into and to "release" developmental builds 
to the "Apache Developer Community".

I haven't yet explored the idea of getting a "" 
virtual host going. Up to this point I wanted to see the reuse of the 
existing mirroring structure to get these artifacts out to multiple 
hosts. I know that Henri and others have been working on some new 
download pages and scripts for redirecting to mirrors for downloads. I'd 
be really interested in finding out how we can combine this sort of 
Metadata with a download client to get clients downloading "load 
balanced" across the mirrors. I suspect this would be a server side 
redirect mechanism of some sort.


>2) Repository/Artifact (Avalon interface)
>This re-work was very close, needs to be completed (and the Ant Type needs
>to be re-tested over it). One for me, since I started it...
>3) Downloading
>Create a separate DownloadManager that does downloads for us, and does
>things like check MD5s, and allows user-set listeners for doing things like
>'.' (dots) for downloaded blocks, or percentages in GUIs, etc.
>4) API
>Keep refactoring/documenting to generate a simple API. A 'hands on'
>interface, for those wanting to manually work w/ Repository/Artifacts
>(Avaloners) and an Updater one (for querying repositories and downloading
>latest best fit).
>5) Monitor the Gump errors and fix what needs fixing.
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