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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject Re: ArtifactType
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 16:16:35 GMT
Hmm, well. 
what do you think should be our next steps? I am not a big writer, so i am
not really a big fan of writing documentation :-)
also the security stuff is nice, but i guess that there are other issues
scratching right now, right? 

> > Hello,
> > since my project at work is pretty much live now, i hope that i can
> > spend more time now on depot.
> > right now i have a question concerning the artifactType. There are some
> > :TODO: tags in this. What was the main intend for this class? Should we
> > change this?
> Depot has a concept of namespaces (QName stolen from the WS folks) which
> basically allows a name within a URI, identified by a prefix. This is used
> in a bunch of places when a name alone isn't unique. For example say we
> wants the 'depot jars' or the 'depot source' we'd want to have jars:depot
> or
> source:depot both with the name 'depot'.
> The main intention of this class is to define a few types (as namespaces),
> for jar or docs or source or ... (hence the todos). Right now we are
> trying
> to get off the ground with jars.
> I'd leave the TODOs but I'd not worry about it too much.
> regards
> Adam

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