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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: UpdaterConfig
Date Wed, 14 Jul 2004 19:36:52 GMT
> like I said already, I am browsing through the API and adding JavaDoc to
>   some classes. Right now I have a problem concerning the UpdaterConfig.
> This class is called all over the API and should provide basic
> configuration for the application. But right now, I am pretty unsure,
> how this configuration is provided to the calling classes.

That was (is?) a nice experiment by Anou. Basically we wanted some form of
'ant types' (configuration in XML) but outside of Ant. The configuration
file is read, and named configured objects are stored in a registry (by
namespaced name).

I think it works, but has some usage issues, so right now I'm kinda hoping
to leave it on the side, until we find time to work on it. I do like the

> Also please note, that there seems to be an endless loop in the method
> listArtifacts(...) in the class AbstractHierarchicalRepositories. Or is
> there any need for this?

I suspect it was another bug introduced in the global renaming, when
Artifact(Resource)Specifer -> Artifact, and Artifact(Resource) ->
ArtifactInstance. There are a few cases where a cal lto something w/ type
ArtifactSpecifer lost the Specifer, and hence changing the intended called
method. I'll look into it, thanks.



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