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From Michael Davey <>
Subject Re: Refactoring (for merge) and APIs
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 22:29:45 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>1) Resource -> Artifact:
>It will not be trivial, but we could rename Resource to be Artifact to ease
>a merge with Avalon Repository (and since Artifact has started to become a
>recognized term).
+1.  Shouldn't be to difficult using IDEA.   I'd be happy to do the work 
if the source is in CVS.  I'll give it a go if the source is in SVN but 
can't promise anything - I've not used SVN (other than to play with) 
before.  BTW, *where* is the source?

>BTW: I've started to create a page for terms (as Nick suggested):
I'd like to suggest three others:

Java Artifact (AFSRepository specification defines more than just jars 
in the repository)
Depot Artifact - artifact that can be manipulated by Depot
Update(r) - see below

>I'd been told that a good API has the main classes in the root package, i.e.
>in org.apache.depot.update. That I can believe. Trouble is, the 'Updater'
>project is focused towards Updating, so we put ResourceUpdater there. Maybe
>we need to add Artifact/Repository, and move ResourceUpdater to a separate
>client package (or separate project). Thoughts?
I thought that update was a seperate project.  Ah, do you mean that 
Updater and Artifact are in the same package? If so, then I agree that 
there should be a seperate core or artifact package.


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