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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject Re: Moving forward or letting go
Date Sun, 20 Jun 2004 08:51:43 GMT
Hello Niclas,
I did not understand a couple of your comments.

> Ok. Avalon Repository has a SPI model in place, but code is currently 
> required, since we cater to our own needs first :o)
Well, yeah, pretty much the same we are doing.
> Yes, you will need to define or use server-side meta-data. The immediate 
> effect after solving that is the Classloader (not classloading) 
> establishment, since the 'type' of classloader the dependency belongs to, 
> MUST be managed by the repository system, or you have missed a major goal.
I agree on the meta-data stored on the server-side, but I did not 
understood the 'type' of classloader and the major goal. Can you please 
enlighten me?
> If Depot is only a tool for build systems itself, then you are also missing 
> the goal, i.e. providing a functionality to a handful of build systems, each 
> having their own solutions to this concern, is not a recipe for wide-spread 
> acceptance, and a chicken-egg problem.
You mean basically, that build systems like Maven need some plugins to 
load from a central repository. This is done through the antlets and the 
loading of this was one of the goals for a next release of depot, when i 
remember correctly?

> And then ALL projects with Avalon has a single POM-like XML file containing 
> the dependencies (incl, classloading concerns), the definitions, versioning 
> and some other smaller stuff.
> Death to Maven!!!  :o)
Hmm, wouldn't go this far, but I like ANT way more. Thats why I really 
like the antlets (, this is just an easy extension to 
Ant and it is growing also quite in the same direction of the POM stuff :-)

> Cheers
> Niclas



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