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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Depot layers
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 21:51:40 GMT
>     |------------------------------------------------------------|
>     | get/put to cache with group/name/blob-version semantics,   |
>     | security on transmission, integrity checking,              |
>     | and reliability of service                                 |
>     |------------------------------------------------------------|
> ... and the starting point is the bottom layer.

I can agree with starting at the bottom. I think this (above) is about it. I
would like to offer both opaque(blob) version and structured/parsed, but I
do (now) realize that folks need the ability to have the former (as a
starting point).

I've read the Avalon Repository code at:
and I'm very pleased to see the significant similarities.

I like the clarity/simplicity that Avalon Repository has, but I also like
some of the features that Depot provides (e.g. ability to use
or HttpClient or VFS as environment allows). I do like that we have
Filters/Selectors in common (Depot has Comparators also, 'cos we think order
is possible). I could go on, but not here. Again, I see more in common than
I see in divergence.

I'd be tempted to suggest we import the Repository code into Depot (as a
separate ClassLoader project) and slowly (or quickly) migrate as much into
the Updater project, or use Updater concepts. I think there are interesting
choices to be made, and we could work that merge (over a suitable time) with
some Wiki documentation and/or scheduled group chats. [For example, the
Artifact and (Depot) Resource classes are next to identical, we need to
document what we want, and merge them.]

*If* we can all open our minds (and suppress our egos) sufficiently to allow
this form of merge (without tonnes of blah/blah back and forth on minutiae)
then I think we'd have one heck of a lively/healthy development team
(community), worthy [IMHO] of Apache TLP.



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