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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject A few thoughts
Date Sun, 02 May 2004 18:07:40 GMT
1) CLASSPATH Repository

Nick and I implemented a ClasspathRepository in Ruper days of old, the
thinking being -- to allow updates to be sensitive to a [say] Gump context,
and use Gumped jars (in Gump builds) in preference to downloading. I was
considering this for Depot, but it dawned on me this was flawed.

There is really no 100% accurate way to analyse/parse all artefacts just
from filename, etc. (no group position, no extra metadata, etc). With
artefacts in a classpath this is all one gets, so although it would work for
many, it'd no work for all.

Since Gump is (if I get my way) to create local repositories of jars it
creates, maybe we ought just pass those locations to Depot, and use them as
normal. I prefer this approach.

2) .../.depot directory

I like how CVS and SVN work by storing metadata (repository location., etc)
into a dotted local directory. I wonder if we ought have the same (*as and
when/if* we need it). We could store thing in there like, where it came
from, MD5 checks, etc.

I like the ability that CVS|SVN has to 'svn update' a local repository, to
(cheaply) just go get updates to what is there without (in our case) hunting
around randomly. That might be a nice future optimisation.

3) Put repositories into our SVN for http testing.

I wonder if we ought create (under depot) some repositories, and check them
in to SVN. We can do unit/integration/whatever testing against them via HTTP
(even w/o HTTPS).


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