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From Michael Davey <>
Subject Re: [RT] Depot Licence(er)
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 10:01:22 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> [snip details about licensing checks for Depot]
> other ideas?

Is a requirement of Depot that the server-side must be plain http, or 
could it be a webapp?

Some random thoughts:

1.  When a jar is requested, the server returns either text/plain 
text/xml or text/html license document.
To get the actual jar, the client must generate a digest of the stream 
and request the same URL, with
"?digest=975fa1833806a09060638e0ca83c95e5" to get the actual jar.  If 
the stream contains a
random seed, the digest check couldn't be skipped (because the digest 
would be different each time).

The idea is that the client would display the license and the user would 
have to agree before the jar
was downloaded.  The html could include an "I agree" button at the 
bottom, so for web users
only a simple web client would be needed.

2.  The webapp could read the license file directly from the jar and 
make it "appear" to be next to
the jar (as per your item #2).  This eliminates a potential management 
problem of keeping the
two files in sync.

3.  Have you seen <>? they have this nice idea 
of a license deed that is
easy to read.  Again, if a webapp were used, you could provide a link 
next to each license file
that would display a summary of the key permissions, restrictions and 
requirements of the license.
I realise that web users aren't an important use-case for Depot, though.


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