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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject MD5-Hashes
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:50:28 GMT
currently the MD5 stuff is implemented using JAVA-stuff only. Which 
means, that there is no way to use this on the server, only the client 
itself can generate the Hash.
Following the discussion on the repository list, I guess this is not the 
kind of thing we would like to have. Therefore I am going to implement 
something more configurable. First of all this means, that you are able 
then to use
1) any provider for the JAVA Security stuff (not only the default one, 
which is implemented right now per default). This does not mean a lot of 
work since all of the methods I have implemented can be used with 
different providers
2) also I am going to enable a kind of "external" Hash-Program, like 
md5sum. My problem with this right now is, that I have access to quite a 
lot linux boxes (including my own home-server) but not any BSD system. 
So I believe someon has to test this stuff later on a BSD system, which 
seems to be the preferred OS of (hope, I did not 
misunderstood the mails concerning this). This Implementation will be 
fully configurable, so that you can use whatever program suits your needs.
3) I will then add a new feature to generate Signatures (which, like 
stated on the repository list will be only possible on the client, since 
the private keys are not stored on any machine). This will be 
also separated into two different implementations (one using pure JAVA 
and the other one using external programs).

--> IMHO this is not a high priority of ruper, since I believe that 
first we have to get ruper up and flying to get more users as well as 

Mark, since you seem to be a very knowledgable guy on this stuff, I have 
included you on this topic and would really like to discuss this stuff 
en detail with you.



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