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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject naming our jars was: [GUMP@lsd]: depot/depot-ruper failed
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:00:39 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>This gump build is failing 'cos the gump metadata thinks the ruper jar is
>named differently ('cos I cut-n-paste it from the version one.)
>Let's try to be consistent between version and ruper. So:
>Do folks want:
>    apache-depot-x
>    depot-x
>    x
is another option.

I vote to be consvative and avoid conflicts.

>I'm pretty ambivalence, but personally, I think the 'apache' on the jar is a
>bit of a mouthful. I was dubious about depot being there, but can live with
>that. I'll wait for other preferences before I pick one.

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