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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: MD5 and Mirrors ( was Re: MD5 Hash )
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 18:17:15 GMT

Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>>Adam is perfectly right about this stuff. There is one more thing we need
> to
>>think about. Some repositories treat md5-files different. The structure on
>> is [filename - MD5 Hash]. But on ibiblio (maven-repository) it
> is
>>just [MD5 Hash]. So this needs to be somehow configurable.
> I think we need to shoot for what is considered the Apache Repository, none
> other. What Maven do w/ ibiblio will clearly impact us, but ought be
> secondary.

A standard file format for md5 is more important in the long run, I 
think, than either the way Apache in general or more specifically the 
Maven project are dealing with generating the file contetns of md5 

Currently, neither apache or maven md5's are validatable using the 
standard FSF GNU md5sum implementation.

> That said, Apache Repository is about to become Maven Repository (taken over
> my the Maven team) unless we help Apache get it's act together. Still, it
> might not be a bad thing, we expect them to be a primary publisher.
> regards
> Adam

Working together, I believe both Depot, Repository, Maven, ... can come 
to a common agreement on the Apache Repository Structure. The separate 
groups maintaining different views provides the "tension" neccessary for 
growth of an agreement. The key is eventual comprimise and 
non-posesiveness in all the parties involved.


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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