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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject Future Build-Structure
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 21:36:25 GMT
I have just created a new build.xml file. I don't like to check this 
into the main branch, up until everybody from you saw it and gave a 
short vote.

I have to admit, that the new structure has some implications on the 
strucutre of the whole project.

There are some new directories, which are reflecting the changes of the 
structure. This is basically based on the following ideas:

1) Adapter are a kind of plugin, which can be build seperatly from 
the 		   core
2) ANT is an adapter with a special role
3) VFS is an adapter
4) Version is an adapter
--> This leaves basically the following core-dependencies:

All the adapters are build using ruper itself. The first adapter to be 
build is ant. Basically the whole build-process of all the other 
adapters are then based on this adapter.

I have already created the whole structure on my machine, but I don't 
like to check it in before asking you. You can find the not yet finished 
build file in the whiteboard area. I have not taken out the version 
stuff from the core. I did not take a look in this. VFS is already out 
of the core. The jars still have to be created :-)

There is still a lot of work to do on this, but what do you think?



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