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From "Markus M. May" <>
Subject New build/project structure
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 09:59:51 GMT
Nick already state, that we should first get the build stuff up and running
before we are going to make any changes and add complexity. I totally agree
with this. I have at my system already put the vfs and also the version stuff
into the /lib-directory, therefor we can use this right now as a core
dependency. Because it was quite easy, I already put the VFS stuff out into the
I definitly would like to use ruper to build then the adapters itself (the
most important right now is the ANT-adapter, of course). The ANT-adapter
should be build with a kind of add-on script, so that we do not have to use our
own tasks for this. After this the rest of the adapters can be build using our
My question is now, if we should use e.g. centipede2 for building the
adapters or even ruper itself. Since this is then a project with kind of
sub-projects (called adapters). Can centipede2 handle this? I have to admit, that this
would be a nearly perfect use-case for maven, but I don't like to use it
here, because I feel closer to ANT then to maven.

What do you think?



BTW, is there a time, when we can get together in IRC or something, to
discuss this kind of things online?

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