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From "" <>
Subject Re: Can I run deltacloud server in a different physical machine?
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 17:00:01 GMT
On 04/11/11 09:14, Nodir Kodirov wrote:
> Hello all!
> I have confusion about deltacloud deployment. I have three cloud
> deployments. Can I access all of them via single installation of
> deltacloud?


> For example: I have OpenNebula cloud controller in server A, OpenStack
> cloud controller in server B and Eucalyptus in server C. Can I install
> deltacloud server in server D and install/run deltacloud client from
> server E. If yes, should I install deltacloud server in each cloud
> controller server or is it possible to install single deltacloud
> server and run it for all three clouds?

ok, you can do this in two ways.

1) You can run a single deltacloud server. You need to choose a
'default' provider. For example, to start the server on your machine
with address '' with your euca setup as default:

deltacloudd -i eucalyptus -p 3001 -P
"ec2=;s3=" -r

where '-p' is the port the deltacloud server listens on and '-P'
specifies where your euca setup lives, and '-r' specifies the address
for the server to bind to (the address of the machine on which
deltacloud is started and will be accepting connections on). Now, any
requests to will be interacting with your euca setup.

To use this server to interact with your other cloud setups, you can use
matrix parameters in the requests:

e.g. requests to;driver=opennebula;provider=address.of.your.opennebula.server:port

see for info on how
you can use the matrix params to specify the drivers/providers in
requests. For example, you can also specify driver/provider using
request headers rather than matrix params (X-Deltacloud-Driver and

2) The second way to do this, is to start three seperate instances of
your deltacloud server. They can all be on the same machine, using
different ports:

deltacloudd -i eucalyptus -p 3001 -P

deltacloudd -i opennebula -p 3002 -P "address.of.your.opennebula.setup:port"

deltacloudd -i openstack -p 3003 -P "address.of.your.openstack.setup:port"

hope that helps you get started -  feel free to ask
more/clarifications/specific issues when you try to do any of the above,.


Either run 3 seperate instances of the deltacloud server (they can all
be on the same machine) listening on different ports:

> Note: all servers are in difference physical machines.
> Kind regards,
> Nodir.

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