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Subject Unified way how we deal with IP addresses
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 14:05:28 GMT

This patchset introduce a new model 'InstanceAddress' for storing and
manipulating with all different address types we need to deal across
cloud providers.
Previously we have some sort of 'address' type guessing which fails
in most cases and caused a lot of confusion with VNC ports and so.

Currently we have five types of addresses in instance:

1) :ipv6     - Indicate that address is given in IPv6 format (
2) :mac      - Address contain a MAC address of the instance NIC adapter
3) :hostname - Address is reported in 'hostname' format (
4) :vnc      - Address points to VNC server. Optionally a port attribute is specified 
5) :unavailable - Address is currently unavailable (case when instance is
                  booting / or no address is available 'yet')

Client code should be already compatible with this XML format:

  <address type="vnc" port="3001"></address>
  <address type="ipv6"></address>

 -- Michal

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