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Subject Reorganize mock driver
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2011 04:53:55 GMT

While trying to fix a bug in the mock driver (newly created blobs didn't
show up in the details of their buckets), I realized that all the file
munging in the drive made it very hard to see what the driver was actually
doing, and what was mundane detail about storing hashes in YAML files.

These patches split the mock driver into a client and a driver, which makes
it much clearer what the driver is doing. It also removes a few bugs and
oddities, e.g. that the name of an image was set to its description upon
load(!) These oddities have been removed, to have a closer correspondence
between the contents of the YAML files, and the model objects returned from
the driver.

Another change is that the YAML files all store the id of the object as an
explicit hash entry, even though the id also has to be the file name of the
YAML file. It didn't seem worth the effort to avoid this denormalization -
just don't move files in the mock driver's storage root around by hand.

Since this also changed some of the data that is stored on disk, the stock
YAML data for the mock driver has changed. To test these patches, you need
to delete the storage directory for the mock driver, by default
/var/tmp/deltacloud-mock-${USER}/ The driver will recreate and repopulate
it at the next server start.


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