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Subject VSphere driver improvements
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 15:19:06 GMT

These two matches improve a bit functionality for the recently imported VSphere driver.
The first patch will add a reference from the instance to the image it was created from.
Reference to image is stored in extraConfig key=>value store in VM.

The second one, more interesting, add support for attaching a floppy driver to the virtual
machine. This is the first part of 'user-data' feature support.

I need to discuss something there. Since we will need to upload this floppy drive to the datastore
and it actually 'break' our 'stateless' API (since I'll need to store that file temporarely)
I need to
know if the approach that user will supply base64 encoded floppy image as a 'user_data' parameter
creating a new instance is acceptable.
I'm not sure if the way where we will create a floppy image in driver is the way we want to
go, since it will
work only on linux and it could be a bit slow for 'large' files.

  -- Michal

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