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From "" <>
Subject Re: Cleanup in views
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 14:42:21 GMT
Hi Michal - ACK but please can you check that the rendering of 
storage_snapshots is ok for you? I can't understand why, but with the 
new 'partial' method I get an empty response from the server (both using 
browser and curl). But when I switch git branch to the old 'full' method 
I get the proper list of snapshots. I've been staring at the code for 
ages but couldn't find an issue; might be some kind of buffering issue 
with haml gem and rendering so many items (a *lot* of snapshots are 


On 02/06/11 13:19, wrote:
> Hi,
> just a small cleanup inside views/ directory. I unified way how
> we generate index action output by using partial renders, removed
> obsoleted 'accounts' views (what was that for btw? ;-) and added
> 'AVAILABLE' state to Mock Images.
> Thanks to Chris and Marios to open this issue [1].
>    -- Michal
> [1]

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