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Subject firewall support for ec2 instances
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 15:06:34 GMT

This patch uses the new 'Firewalls' collection (I pushed that to trunk today).
The create_instance operation for the ec2 driver takes an array of firewall names
for the instance to be 'launched into'. Patch includes:

* necessary modifications to server.rb 
* addition of 'firewalls' to the Instance model
* modification of the haml views: html for the create operation, html/xml for showing
  firewalls when inspecting a given instance. 

If you aren't using the html interface to create an instance, you can specify 
firewalls using form input : 'firewall#=name' where '#' is any digit.  For example:

curl -F 'image_id=ami-48aa4921' -F 'firewalls1=default' -F 'firewalls2=test'
 --user 'ec2_key:ec2_password' http://localhost:3001/api/instances?format=xml

will create an instance from ami-48aa4921 and place it into firewalls 'default' 
and 'test'. EC2 does not support 'moving' an instance between firewalls once it's
launched so this functionality was not implemented 


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