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From André Dietisheim <>
Subject Re: Andre Dietisheim update java client
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 08:19:51 GMT
Hi Marios

On 05/31/2011 10:07 AM, wrote:
> I pulled Andre's patch from and tidied
up a bit - there were some remnants left from the renaming of
to org.apache.deltacloud.client. Andre can you please check this patch and if you are happy
I will commit from my local branch. Can you especially make sure the files I deleted are ok?

thanks for your efforts. I still dont understand why you got those 
duplicates as I dont see them in my fork on github nor locally. I'm 
sorry about the additional effort you had to add, but I'm pretty noobish 
in terms of git :(

> =============
> What I did:
> (from deltacloud/clients/java):
> rm -rf
> rm -rf
> cd org.apache.deltacloud.client
> rm .classpath
> rm -rf .settings
> rm
> rm .project

looks very accurate.

> Question: is i) the Maven pom.xml necessary or shall I remove?

nope I would not remove it since it allows me (and others) to build a 
jar just by typing "mvn package"

>              ii) the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF necessary (doesn't seem to contain any classes
for the jar here)

nope, I would not remove it either since it

1) allows you to build a valid jar
2) allows you to run the jar as bundle in an osgi environment

> ============================
> cd org.apache.deltacloud.client.test
> rm .classpath
> rm .project
> rm -rf .settings/
> rm
> Question: do we need  '.externalToolBuilders/org.eclipse.pde.SchemaBuilder (1).launch'

you can remove the launch config. It's an eclipse specific launch config 
which may be recreated easily.

> or should I remove this? Again, are the pom.xml and META-INF necessary?

I would keep pom.xml and META-INF. Bot are useful and needed to build a 
jar/osgi bundle.

> In clients/java/org.apache.deltacloud.client.test/src/org/ there are two subdirectory
trees - 'jboss' and 'apache'. So:
> clients/java/org.apache.deltacloud.client.test/src/org/---->  apache/deltacloud/client/internal/test/
>                                                        |
>                                                        |---->  jboss/tools/internal/deltacloud/client/utils/test/
> Is this necessary? Can the be moved elsewhere?

oh, looks like my refactoring was not 100% complete. UrlBuilderTest 
should be move to the package



> thanks, marios

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