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From Chris Lalancette <>
Subject Re: why do instance details differ when requesting single instance/all instances?
Date Thu, 26 May 2011 17:37:12 GMT
On 05/26/11 - 12:39:02AM, André Dietisheim wrote:
> Hi guys
> I just stumbled upon a change that must have been applied to the
> REST API btw. 0.1.2 and 0.3:
> If you request the full listing of all running instances, you will
> not get the authentication bits that was used to create the
> instance. If you list a single instance you would get it:

I've noticed 2 things when playing around with this:

1)  As you say, listing an instance one at a time vs. listing them all together
does show different data.  In fact, if you look at the view code, you will see
that there are a number of pieces of information that you can get from the
single instance lookup that you can't get from the "all instances" lookup.
It has been mentioned to me in the past that some of this might be intentional;
that is, not all cloud providers provide rich enough detail in their "list
instances" view to fully populate that view.  However, it would seem to me that
*if* that data is available in the full view, we should provide it.  Does
anyone else have an opinion here?

2)  For EC2, at least, even if you do look up the single instance view, the
authentication data is empty.  I think this one is just a bug; I'll post a
patch for it shortly.

Chris Lalancette

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