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Subject Initial RackSpace unit tests (rev 2)
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 13:31:10 GMT

This new patchset contains mock data recorded by 'VCR' gem[1].
It's a very nice gem that we can use to record communication
between cloudservers gem and rackspace.

Recorded fixtures are stored in tests/rackspace/fixtures and those
are just plain YAML files.

To 'replay' you can do: rake test:rackspace, which will perfectly 'emulate'
communication with Rackspace.

To record new 'cassettes' you need to change username and api key and:

c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :new_episodes } to
c.default_cassette_options = { :record => :all }

in setup.rb inside tests/drivers/rackspace directory.

  -- Michal

NOTE: Username and API key are obsoleted, so you can no longer use it against Rackspace :-)
PS: Working on Mock driver right now, seems like it's broken somehow.


  -- Michal

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