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Subject Make drivers a toplevel collection
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:41:19 GMT
We've had an XML representation of drivers supported by the server as a
one-off page for a while now. In keeping with HATEAOS, the list of drivers
should be reachable through the main API entry point.

To make that possible, I turned drivers into their own toplevel
collection. I also changed the XML format for a driver to emphasize the
list of possible provider values more. For the EC2 driver the XML now is:

  <driver href="http://localhost:3001/api/drivers/ec2" id="ec2">

    <provider id="us-west-1">
      <entrypoint kind="s3"></entrypoint>
      <entrypoint kind="elb"></entrypoint>
      <entrypoint kind="ec2"></entrypoint>

    .. similar provider tags for the other regions ..


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