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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject Re: Stateful Vs Stateless Instances Findings
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 00:21:29 GMT
To revive this discussion, and put a firm proposal to resolve this
forward, here's what I think the best plan of action is:


Need to add the following capabilities to the API:

      * Indicate for each image whether it can be used for launching a
        stateful or stateless instance [1]
      * Make it possible to copy/clone an existing image to a new image


Since Aeolus wants to pretend that all clouds only support stateless
images, Condor will start all instances in a two-step process:

     1. Ensure a stateless image for the instance exists: if the image
        is stateful clone it, otherwise just use the original image
     2. Launch the instance of the image from step (1)
     3. Delete the cloned image, if necessary, when the instance is


[1] just to keep things clean, we should also indicate whether there is
a restriction on how many instances can be launched off an image
simultaneously (to guard against a freakish cloud that can only launch a
single instance of a stateless image)

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