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From Perry Myers <>
Subject Re: Stateful Vs Stateless Instances Findings
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 22:12:28 GMT
> ---------------
> The way that some providers (such as rhevm and vmware) launch instances
> now are not what we need.  Cloud launch must start an instance in
> such a way that it can perform multiple launches from the same image.
> To support that what really needs to happen is that prior to launch the
> image needs to be either cloned or snapshotted.
> Below are a couple of ways we thought of to do this:
> - Deltacloud API provider driver start call must clone disk on startup
> if the provider does not already do that.
> - On destroy, API must clean up cloned disk image if the provider does
> not already do it.
> - On shutdown, the API leaves the disk alone.

Couldn't you just map an instance in Aeolus to a template image in RHEVM?

You have a aeolus instance image, you upload it to rhevm as an image
template and then from there you can instantiate the image multiple
times, each time rhevm will take care of copying the image for you
(behind the scenes) or maybe it uses COW to do effectively the same
thing.  Probably worth discussing this with the rhev developers.

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