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From "" <>
Subject Re: Run command on instance (Rackspace)
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2011 20:47:49 GMT
Michal, the patch applies cleanly but I couldn't get it to run - ping me 
on irc tomorrow afternoon and we can see if I'm doing something silly. 
For reference I used curl to launch the instance like:

curl -i -d 'image_id=51' -d 'realm_id=1' -d 'hwp_id=1' -d 
'name=myShinYMachine' --user 'BLA:BLA' 

the instance launched fine but I didn't get any password reported. I 
*did* however have the root password emailed to me by rackspace, so I 
proceeded with:

curl -i -d 'cmd=ls -la' -d 'username=root' -d 
'password=myShinYMachinepPassword' --user 'BLA:BLA' 

(CLIENT SIDE: "curl: (52) Empty reply from server")

(SERVER SIDE:   i set fpaste ttl to 1 day so it 
should still be there for you)

Again, I may be doing something silly. I leave this branch with your 
patch applied, ping me on irc and we can talk if you like,


On 01/02/11 16:45, wrote:
> Hi guys,
> This simple patch should add support for running an command
> on instance in Rackspace.
> I wrote 'should' because unfortunately I don't have any valid
> Rackspace credentials to test it live.
> So I would really appreciate if someone who have it could test
> it live to see if it's working.
> To test it, apply this patch and start an instance in Rackspace.
> Save password for authentication somewhere. Then do:
> POST /api/instances/[instance-id]/run
> And set these HTTP parameters:
> cmd - 'ls -la /'
> username - username for authentication (eg. 'root')
> password - saved password.
> API should return an output for 'ls -la /'.
>   -- Michal

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