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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: SBC Tests Submitted
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 13:22:57 GMT
On 25/02/11 08:12 -0500, Eric Woods wrote:
>Hey guys,
>I submitted the rest of the patch for the IBM SBC tests.  Just want to make sure you have
everything you need.  Please let me know if it requires any cleanup work.


Sorry that I missed the second part of your patch. I pushed it now to

Btw. could you please use 'git format-patch' for sending patches instead of
'patch' ? Then I can use 'git am' which is easier ;-) and also preserve
your changelog message.

Steps how to use it:

git clone
cd deltacloud
git checkout -B ibm_sbc_tests
<do work here>
git rebase -i master
git format-patch -o /tmp/p master
git send-email /tmp/p --subject 'SBC Tests' --compose

This will automatically send the patch to this list. You might also need to
tune .git/config a little bit:

My .git/config looks like:
         to =

  -- Michal

>Eric W.

Michal Fojtik,
Deltacloud API:

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