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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: Rackspace driver update (rev 2)
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:12:46 GMT
On 14/02/11 22:48 +0200, wrote:
>On 14/02/11 17:19, wrote:
>>Sorry for reposting this patch. This patches will add support
>>for creating images from instances inside Rackspace.
>>This features is part of 'Create Image from Instance' task.
>>   -- Michal
>came across a couple of issues:
>*The password reporting thing works really nicely. I tried to use the 
>password with the new 'run_on_instance' feature but got a 'not 
>supported' error:
>curl -F 'cmd=ls -l' -F 'password=MonFeb1422d513g1760021KE0p1bTf0' 
>--user 'user:password' 
>CDATA[run_on_instance capability not supported by backend 

Yes, that's because there is no 'run_on_instance' method defined in
Rackspace driver. I'll implement it today and send the new patchset.
Thanks for this catch, I completely forgot this feature ;-)

>*couldn't see how to fire the new 'create_image' action so didn't 
>test this (did you forget to include a route in server.rb or did i 
>miss something?)

No, this action will just prepare Rackspace driver to support image
creation from instances. I suppose it's part of Rackspace driver so it
could get in with this patchset as well.

>*Tried to create an instance specifying only image_id (expect it to 
>use defaults for realm_id and hwp_id)  but got an error:
>[marios@marios ~]$ curl -d 'image_id=4' --user 'username:password' 
><error status='500' url='/api/instances?format=xml'>
>  <kind>backend_error</kind>
>  <backend driver='rackspace'>
>    <code>500</code>
>    <cause>CloudServers::Exception::ItemNotFound</cause>

>    ././lib/deltacloud/drivers/rackspace/rackspace_driver.rb:86:in 
>    ././lib/deltacloud/drivers/rackspace/rackspace_driver.rb:373:in `call'
>    ././lib/deltacloud/drivers/rackspace/rackspace_driver.rb:373:in 
>    ././lib/deltacloud/drivers/rackspace/rackspace_driver.rb:85:in 
> </backend>
>  <message><![CDATA[No offering found for flavor 0 and option 

Seems like my hardware_profile fallback is not working, will fix this
today. Thanks!

>*Storage Snapshots and Storage Volumes are reported as collections 
>(this may be a remnant from previous version of driver) and so give 
>"storage_volumes capability not supported by backend 

Yes, storage_volumes and storage_snapshots are part of 'basic' abstraction
models AFAIK so they should be here even they throw this exception. 
I'm wrong ?

   -- Michal

Michal Fojtik,
Deltacloud API:

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