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Subject Image creation from running Instance (rev 1)
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2011 11:18:02 GMT
Hi guys,

This patch will add the ability to create images from instance.

  - Requirements: Linux instance, EBS root, RUNNING state
  - Image is created immediately, can be listed in /images?owner_id=YOUR_AWS_ID
  - Image reports status (PENDING, UP)
  * BLOCKER: Unfortunately, last version bump doesn't include my changes
             to AWS gem, which add root_device_type and create_image() call.
             So for now you need AWS 'master' branch gem in order to test
             this patch.
             You can grab it for now here:

  - Requirements: RUNNING state
  - It take some time to create an image, during this time the image
    is not accesible via API (so you can't pool for status)
  - After creation, image appears in images list
  * BLOCKER: None

  - Requirements: Sandbox instance, RUNNING state
  * BLOCKER: Add call here (not working at this time)

  - Requirements: None
  - You can create image from any instance
  - If you already have some instances, you need to update Mock
  * BLOCKER: None

  -- Michal

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