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Subject initial eucalyptus support
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2011 06:56:10 GMT

This is the initial patch to support Eucalyptus as one of Deltacloud Clouds. The eucalyptus_driver.rb
was forked from ec2_driver.rb.
The driver now supports all functions supported by EC2 driver, except for load balancer. To
be more specific, all "core" deltacloud APIs
( are supported, and additional APIs supported
include Buckets (blobs), Keys, StorageVolume,
and StorageSnapshot. We found there was a bug with detroy_storage_snapshot in server.rb and
fixed it as well. The driver was tested with
Eucalyptus 2.0.3.

There are two issues with current AWS gem, and we pulled the request to fix them:
* In AWS gem, a bucket is always named in virtual hosted-style request (e.g.,,
while many Eucalyptus installations doesn't use that style. Because naming a bucket with URL
path (e.g.,
universally work, we patched AWS to use URL path.
* ec2.create_volume had an issue with Eucalyptus backend and patched to resolve it.

Thanks and let me know if the patch has any issues. Our next milestone is to write cucumber


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