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Subject Improved driver advertising
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 11:04:05 GMT

This patch will add following informations to /api/drivers entrypoint:

* - credentials
    - username
    - password

This should advertise what sort of credentials are needed to connect into
particular back end cloud (driver).

* - entrypoints{ :id => list_id }
    - entrypoint{ :id => ep_id } URL 

Advertising of available entrypoints for those public cloud providers
which support this. (EC2 right now)

I'm also slighly reworked a way how we store configuration for DRIVERS.
I think using one *big* Hash inside lib/drivers.rb is not very nice ;-)
So I moved this into config/drivers.yaml so it's pretty clean to read
or change something and configuration is now loaded by Sinatra 'settings'.
I'm used Proc here so config is loaded for each request, which means
that if user change something (add/change entrypoint) it doesn't require
server restart.

  -- Michal

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