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Subject Support for OPTIONS and HEAD calls in API
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 14:11:05 GMT

This patch will add support for querying collections and operation for
basic capabilities like supported HTTP methods, operations and params.
It's implemented in Rabbit, so collections like buckets which are
defined outside Rabbit are not supported by this, but we can add them

For collections there is OPTIONS and HEAD call where:

* OPTIONS /api/instances
  This will return HTTP header X-Operations-Allowed with list of
  operations defined for this collection (create,index,destroy...)

* HEAD /api/instances
  This will return HTTP header Allow which list all HTTP methods
  supported in collection (GET, HEAD, OPTIONS, POST...)

For each operation is defined OPTIONS call:

* OPTIONS /api/instances/create
  Will return X-Required-Parameters with list of all required parameters for
  this call and X-Optional-Parameters with all optional params.

This business should be usefull for clients to check what methods/params/ops
are defined for collections/operations without actually executing that
operations to check that they are not working/available.

Let me know if you found this usefull or you have some suggestions/hints
for concept/header names...

  -- Michal

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