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Subject Fix error in client
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 00:16:10 GMT


  deltacloudc realms

right now fails with an error

  ./lib/plain_formatter.rb:81:in `const_get': wrong constant name Base::Realm

because the association between the class for the realm and the formatter
to be used for it is busted.

The patch tries to address it, though I am not entirely happy with it since
it assumes the unqualified class name is enough to identify the
formatter. The bigger issue is that some parts of the client use generic
XML driven metaprogramming while others have to resort to very specific and
explicit code that knows the kinds of objects being handled (like the

I feel that the client would become clearer if we pushed what can be done
with metaprogramming into a base class, and did collection/class specific
handling in subclasses.

Thoughts ?


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