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Subject user metadata for blob creation [v.2.0] - S3, Cloudfiles, Azure
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 20:04:34 GMT

This is v2 of the upload blob metadata patch series - allows uploading of arbitrary blob metadata
during blob creation for amazon s3, rackspace cloudfiles and microsoft azure. Includes fixes
suggested by lutter in previous thread - 21st Jan 2011 'user metadata for blob creation -
S3, Cloudfiles, Azure' (thanks David!). Monkey patch for Hash class gsub_keys in blob_stream.rb
and acceptance of 'X-Deltacloud-Blobmeta-KEY:VALUE' HTTP headers in server.rb for passing
metadata key-value pairs. I've also kept the http post mechanism for passing in metadata values
from our 'web interface' (I know this isn't so important but it was relatively painless to


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