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From Steve Gordon <>
Subject Re: Initial import of new RHEV-M driver
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 09:11:06 GMT

----- Original Message -----
From: "Michal Fojtik" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 6:35:13 PM GMT +10:00 Brisbane
Subject: Re: Initial import of new RHEV-M driver

On 14/12/10 07:44 +1000, Stephen Gordon wrote:
>On 12/14/2010 03:28 AM, wrote:
>>Hi guys,
>>I spend most of this day and yesterday to get new RHEV-M API running.
>>Actually I'm able to run Mock API, which is not perfect but for now
>>enough to start working on this driver.
>>So now what is working and what is not:
>>+ Listing of realms (using DataCenter) (/api/realms)
>>   I'm using Datacenters instead of StorageDomains, because it has
>>   more sense to me, let me know what do you think.
>>+ Listing of templates (/api/images)
>>   Basically there are all needed informations for this collection
>>   already in place, except 'owner_id', so using 'self' here for now
>>   should fix it.
>>+ Hardware profiles
>>   OK, so nwo I'm not that sure ;-) I found out that there are basically
>>   two types of templates/VMs. One is DESKTOP and second SERVER.
>>   So I used these as a names for hardware_profiles.
>>   For memory I used a range from 1024..32*1024. I need to know what is
>>   the minimum amount of RAM for new VM under RHEV. Also reporting
>>   how much memory hypervisor provide would be appreciated here.
>>   As an architecture I used 'x86_64', storage is opaque.
>I believe in the current edition (RHEV 2.2) the minimum amount of RAM 
>that can be assigned to a guest is 512mb. The maximum that can be 
>assigned to a 64 bit guest appears to be listed as 265 GB. See:

[SG] That should of course have been 256 GB. :)


Thanks for this information, it's extra usefull for me!

   -- Michal

>>+ Instance states
>>   I used EC2 state-machine, which is very similar to RHEV-M one.
>>   In RHEV there is a lot of additional states, which could be
>>   'simplified' to our case of PENDING, STOPPED, RUNNING
>>- Instances
>>   Almost every properties are mapped here, like name, state, id...
>>   There I ran into problems with mock driver, because in mock you don't
>>   have 'cluster' element, which refers to cluster which refers to datacenter.
>>   So mapping hardware profile to instance is in this case not possible.
>>   Anyway, I tryied to follow documentation here so it should work, but I can't
>>   test it live....
>>Also few notes of rhev_client, which is a small library/class for connecting
>>to RHEV-M API and calling operations here.
>>I used 'method_missing' to map all resources, otherwise it will require a lot
>>of repeated code in this client which will not look very nice.
>>Let me know what do you think, all suggestions, questions are more than welcomed.
>>PS: Looking for some real testing RHEV-M instance which I can use for real testing.
>>     I offering a good Czech beer for that ;-)
>>   -- Michal

Michal Fojtik,
Deltacloud API:

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