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Subject Revamp of old RHEV-M driver to use RHEV-M Rest API
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2010 11:58:01 GMT

This patchset includes all changes I sent previosly plus add some changes
and fixes, like:

* I switched Realms to use Cluster instead of Datacenter
  Reason is simple, it's easy to get Cluster because it's linked
  directly from VM XML representation, so there is no need to do
  additional API call.
  Also in '/api/realms' I'm using Datacenter name as a Realm name and
  also availability is determined from datacenter.
  In /api/realms case using additional APi call is cheap, because there
  are just few items, using additional call in '/api/instances' is much more
  expensive, especially if you have more than 5 instances (response time is
  about ~50s)

* I extended hardware profiles for RHEM-M so now you can choose how much
  cpus,memory and storage you want. Unfortunatelly pushing this to RHEV-API
  leads to Internal Server Error so it's not used right now until it will
  get fixed in RHEV-M API.

  -- Michal

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