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Subject Added support for Address collection to API
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:34:21 GMT

This patch will bring support for 'Addresses' collection to API,
which means that you can set a public/private IP address to your
instance if backend provider support that.
For now I added support only to EC2 driver and once this patch will
be ACKed, i'll add support for the addresses to GoGrid driver.

So basic notes of how this thing work:

* GET /api/addresses
  List of IP addresses you have
* POST /api/addresses
  Create a new address (in EC2, allocate a new Elastic IP address)
* DELETE /api/addresses/:id
  Destroy IP address (release in EC2)
* PUT /api/addresses/:id/associate
  Get 'instance_id' parameter (means it will associate given IP address
  with given instance)
* POST /api/addresses/:id/release
  'Disassociate' IP address from the instance.

To test this stuff, you can go to /api/addresses and hit 'Create'
button. New IP address should be spawned immediatelly. You can get
XML representation by including ?format=xml in URI.
After you click on IP, you can associate a running instance to it.
'RUNNING' is important here, otherwise you will get backend error.

Let me know what do you thing.

  -- Michal

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