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From André Dietisheim <>
Subject Re: Fix for #DTACLOUD-9: Removed start action from EC2 state machine
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2010 10:42:46 GMT
On 11/25/2010 10:58 AM, wrote:
> Amazon allows 'stopped' ==> 'start' for EBS backed instances
> (

> The 'problem' as far as deltacloud is concenred is that when you 
> 'stop' an instance, ec2 takes a while to actually remove it from your 
> available instances (and hence we report it as 'available' and you can 
> invoke a 'start' action on it)

thanks for the further explanations, confirms my guesses. But it looks 
like the AWS console knows about the type of instance and does not allow 
start on non-ebs instances). Even if those instances are still visible 
while they get removed/destroyed because you stoppen them.
My concern was (since Michal fixed it) that I got start reported as 
available which is not true. Doing start on that instance led to an 
error. I could have applied a fix in the tooling (is it a EC2 cloud? -> 
then ignore available start and available destroy), but this really 
sounds like a dirty hack to me.

> marios
> On 23/11/10 13:30, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This small patch will remove 'start' action from EC2 state machine,
>> since EC2 doesn't support starting stopped machine.
>>    -- Michal

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