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From Max Rydahl Andersen <>
Subject Re: Add version checking from client to API
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 07:26:27 GMT

> Hi Max,
> * developers get the latest version of code from the git-svn repo
> * patches made against that code and posted to this list
> * other developers can apply the patch to their code and ack or nack accordingly
> * if you get at least one ack and no nack then the code is pushed into the core repo
(so next time someone pulls from git repo they get the latest code)

okey - problem is just that this is nowhere to be seen by contributors that aren't
directly contributors to the core code. 

i.e. i'm interested on a higher level to see what is moving being planned for  and what has
been done - normally
I can see that in a jira, blog or mailing list discussions for an opensource project. 
Where is that for deltacloud ? i.e. the jira's we opened and which I think is already fixed
are still open...

On deltacloud its just all a "read the patches and you'll know what were planned some weeks

Anyway, if you guys are all fine about it then that is just that - but you guys aren't making
it easy for others ;)


> this is the model followed since I joined the project (I don't know *why* this is how
we do it, but it seems to work just fine)
> marios
> On 26/10/10 16:50, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
>> May I ask why all these patches and improvements dont just go to jira so one can
actually find them again ?
>> And the list is used for out-of-bound discussions ?
>> /max
>> On Oct 25, 2010, at 16:35, wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> This simple patch will add support for checking API core server
>>> version from client.
>>> This approach should avoid conflicts between versions, especially
>>> when API adds new feature and you want to use it from the client.
>>> In this case you will get some exception now. After this patch
>>> you will get warning about version mismatch.
>>> -- Michal

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