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From Chris Lalancette <>
Subject Re: [deltacloud-devel] Acceptance test
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2010 13:37:53 GMT
On 11/02/10 - 03:10:15PM, Sang-Min Park wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am a software engineer at Eucalyptus systems.
> We’re planning to work on getting Eucalyptus to work with DeltaCloud.
> Probably, we’re going to use the existing EC2 drivers with minimal changes.
> I have one question regarding testing procedure. Are there any acceptance
> tests for a new driver implementation?
> We want to know in general the QA process for DeltaCloud.

There are actually two separate pieces of deltacloud that currently share the
same name: the deltacloud API, and the deltacloud aggregator[1].

The API consists of core deltacloud server bits, including the drivers, and
also consists of a ruby library to talk to the deltacloud server.  All of
that is hosted under Apache; the mailing list is (which I've CC'ed on this message).

The aggregator is a UI that allows you to combine multiple cloud providers in
various ways.  That is the mailing list that is hosted here.

What I *think* you are looking for is the deltacloud API section, hosted at
apache.  In terms of acceptance tests, there are some tests in the deltacloud
API core repository, but I'm not sure what they test in terms of acceptance.
The right place to ask about this is at the apache project; now that I have
CC'ed them, hopefully someone with a little more knowledge will respond.

If you run into problems with the drivers and eucalyptus, please report them;
it is one of the target clouds that we would like to support!

Chris Lalancette

[1] We plan to rectify this situation in the near future by having a different
name for the aggregator.

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