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From "" <>
Subject Re: storage volume support
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 12:28:30 GMT
Hi Toby,

On 05/10/10 15:13, Toby Crawley wrote:
> Deltacloud currently has limited storage volume support (index, show)
> for ec2 only. We would like to provide some storage volume management
> functionality in SteamCannon, and would prefer that it be via Deltacloud.


> Are there any plans to add additional volume support to Deltacloud?

yes, its in the pipeline but no one on the core team is working on that 
right now (i'm sure someone will jump on me here if i'm wrong ... :) ).

> Do any of the backends (other than ec2) even provide storage volume
> support?

I looked into this a while back - if i recall correctly from our 
currently supported cloud providers only EC2 and Gogrid offer 
'mountable' storage volumes (ie EBS as opposed to 'cloud storage' - like 
s3). I dump some notes here that you might find useful:

* the ec2 api @ includes 
the calls for EBS volume management - including CreateVolume, 
DeleteVolume, DescribeVolumes, AttachVolume, DetachVolume, 

* gogrid:
* nes pas possible - they do have "cloud storage" :
* but this is storage that you can access only from your gogrid servers 
- attachable/mountable storage for your instances, not generic 'access 
anywhere cloud storage'

> If there are plans to add more storage volume features, I would be happy
> to volunteer to implement those in client/server, and in the ec2 driver.

awesome! please let me know if you need any info/pointers to get started 
on this (probably a good place to start is #deltacloud on irc freenode - 
we all hang out there),

all the best, marios

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