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From Benjamin Browning <>
Subject Re: Only build one gem for JRuby and MRI
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 13:13:32 GMT

On Oct 21, 2010, at 6:42 PM, wrote:

> I don't like the fact that currently we're building two gems: one for
> JRuby, and another one for MRI.
> The only reason we're doing this is that we like to run under thin [1],
> which is not available for JRuby. Rather than hardcode the webserver to use
> in the gem dependency, I feel it's enough to do this later in an RPM spec
> and through documentation. That's the route most other Ruby webapps go.

Makes sense and will make the JRuby experience easier. Thanks!

> With these patches, we'll only build one gem...

The client still builds two gems because of Nokogiri versions. There has been a java-specific
Nokogiri gem for quite a while but until the latest beta it relied on FFI. I've had success
running the FFI version on recent Linux distros (Fedora 13, Ubuntu 10.04), but not on Mac
or Windows. The version currently specific in the client gemspec for java is 1.5.0.beta2,
which is the first version to introduce a pure-java implementation that doesn't need libxml2
and libxslt and thus runs on anything without external libraries.

Maybe we can converge these also? I'd be comfortable leaving the gemspec nokogiri requirement
at version '>= 1.4.1' if you let me add a wrapper around the nokogiri require giving instructions
for installing the pure-java version if on JRuby and nokogiri fails to load.

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