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Subject Various core fixes
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 14:18:18 GMT

This 'patch-pack' ships brand new content-negotiation mechanism based on
revamped respond_to and rack-accept. From now extension content-negotiation
will not work and will be disabled. You could use '?format=FORMAT' instead.
Reason for this are blobs from S3, which might conflict with our current
content-negotiation suite.
In order to get this work I fixed all Cucumber scenarios and Unit tests
both in server and client.

Other changes include:

1. Added ci_formatter for client, so we will be able to run Unit tests for client
   in Hudson

2. Fix for nasty bug in deltacloud client library:
   instance.status => 'RUNNING'
   instance.status => 'RUNNING'
   instance.status => 'STOPPED' ;-)

3. Our nice diagram for showing transitions between states will now
   work using /api/instance_states?format=png

4. Maybe someone of you guys was recently hitted by 'aws' gem issue. Well there
   are two gems we are using now for Amazon. First one is 'right_aws' and the 
   second one is called 'amazon-ec2'.
   Unfortunatelly, there is a forked/newer version of 'right_aws' called just 'aws',
   which may conflict with original gem. So in order to get this mess cleaned up,
   I added 'require "active_support"' to EC2 driver which prevent loading custom
   Ruby 1.8 uncompatible active_support by 'aws' gem. So now it should work for both
   gems normally.

 -- Michal

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