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Subject Content negotiation rewamp (respond_to)
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 15:22:51 GMT
Hi all,

As you probably all know, Marios is working on blob storage (buckets)
so we will have a new namespace in API very soon. There are some issues 
in handling URI's related to our respond_to plugin:

Marios want to use '/api/buckets/somebucket/myblob.txt' to get a single blob
(file) from cloudfiles/s3, but unfortunatelly, there is an extension '.txt'
which is now used by respond_to for content-negotiation.
This 'extension-based-negotiation' is integrated deeply into respond_to plugin
so making it 'configurable' could be very difficult.

So instead of destroying current respond_to plugin with hacks I rewrote it
from scratch, using some parts from old respond_to plugin. For now, this plugin
can do better job in browser content negotiation (using rack-accept gem) and also
there are no problem with extensions. They will be stripped before executing
operation but they could be easely reconstructed using 'extension' helper.

Right now all Test::Unit tests are green, but unfortunatelly Cucumber tests died.
I dunno reason, seems like a internal problem in rack-accept. I'll do more
investigation tomorrow...

Once all tests will be green, I'll update client code as well.

 -- Michal

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