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Subject blobstore api - collecting the threads
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 18:52:15 GMT

This brings together all 'blobstore' patches with fixes to date - inludes:

 *> As per the discussion on deltacloud-dev we are now using 'buckets' and 'blobs' and
this is changed throughout
 *> Pseudo 'streaming' of blob content - yield chunks of the content as received from the
provider and use eventmachine's (thin) async callback to write each chunk to the body as it
is yielded. Seems to be the only way to 'do streaming' with Thin (everything runs inside an
eventmachine loop).

 *> Minor fixes from comments on the individual patches. The original patches were:
    --> 13th Aug: 'Basic Blobstore functions - read containers and blobs'
    --> 16th Aug: 'Basic Blobstore functions - updated S3 gem (require right_aws instead
of aws/s3)'
    --> 18th Aug: 'Blobstore functions - PUT and DELETE /api/containers'
    --> 24th Aug: 'azure blob storage driver - very early prototype with basic functions'

 *> In short:
    --> New collection under /api called 'Buckets'
    --> get /api/buckets/
    --> get /api/buckets/:bucket
    --> get /api/buckets/:bucket/:blob
    --> get /api/buckets/:bucket/:blob/content
    --> post /api/buckets
    --> delete /api/buckets/:bucket
    --> These apply for amazon-s3 (i.e. in the ec2 driver), rackspace cloudfiles, and microsoft

  Once this series is acked I can push and use as a base for the rest of the blobstore api,


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