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From "" <>
Subject 'A Blob by any other name'...
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 09:29:59 GMT
Hi, I have so far been using the nouns 'Container' and 'Blob' for the 
entities in our (developing) cloud storage API. It was always the 
intention to change these at some point so I thought it would be a good 
idea to get some input from the wider group. A 'blob' is a uniquely 
named collection of data, stored as a single entity (in S3/CloudFiles 
'Object'). A 'container' is a uniquely named grouping of blobs (in S3 
'Bucket' and CloudFiles 'Container').

So, any ideas about what we should be calling these 'things'? Do we need 
to change the current names at all?


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