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From Chris Lalancette <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: libdeltacloud v0.4
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:39:58 GMT
     I'm pleased to announce the release of libdeltacloud v0.4.
libdeltacloud is a C library that wraps the deltacloud REST API in a
convenient-to-use C/C++ library.  This is a fairly minor release, with a
few internal cleanups and some better error reporting:

- Better error reporting for HTTP GET/POST/DELETE problems

- Detailed error reporting when a deltacloud API throws a 500 Internal Server
  error.  In this case, the deltacloud API will build up an XML document
  describing the error in detail; we now properly handle this XML document
  and raise our own error.

- Internal cleanups that remove a bunch of duplicated code, which should make
  future maintenance a bit easier.

The git repository that holds the source code for libdeltacloud is here:;a=summary

Until I get this packaged for Fedora proper, pre-compiled RPM packages for
Fedora 12 and 13 are here:

If you have any questions, problems, concerns, or bugs, please let me know!

Chris Lalancette

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