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Subject azure blob storage driver - very early prototype with basic functions
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2010 17:52:00 GMT

This patch implements a very early version of the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage driver (basically
this is proof of concept) - this is our first 'pure storage' driver so the only collection
exposed at /api is 'containers'. Currenly you can just list blobs and containers, create and
delete containers (brings this driver in line with the current functionality of s3 and cloudfiles
drivers). Again, this is for comments and once all the blob work is finished I will resubmit
a patch series with all changes included. 

I am using the 'waz-storage' gem to talk to azure (
I also had to update the 'rest-client' gem to make this work properly - I had v.1.4.2 (our
current gemspec has dependency for >= 1.4.2) but did 'sudo gem install rest-client' and
got v.1.6.0.

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